Colonizing the Text

Recently I have been very taken up with the idea that reality (subjective, I mean, because I’m not sure there’s any reality other than that) is a story God is telling me. As I stay with it it’s opening up some wonderful doorways. If God is telling me the story, then it has to be a story of love and courage (and victory, in some kind or other). That being so, it’s just a matter of letting Him breathe into the narrative, and have trust. Horrible things happened to me when I was a child, deformative, traumatizing, heart-breaking. God is telling me the story. What does that mean about those parts of it? Wait for it, keep breathing, you can see the colour returning to the dead zones. And remember that time is a human invention. In the heart of God all times are one time, every moment it a petal on the rose, but it’s all one rose.


It also works in the present. I assume aan assume and celebrate that each moment is a moment in the story God is telling me. If that’s so, then how can any moment be amiss?


To translate this into more traditional Christian terms, with Jesus comes the Holy Spirit. I am inviting/allowing the Holy Spirit to breathe into every moment, every molecule of my experience, past and present, and take them over. I am asking the Holy Spirit to colonize my world.


If there’s such a thing as ‘objective’ reality, we have no idea what it is. We’ve colonized/defined/contained it with stories of chairs and tables and cats and movies and terrorists when we know, at some level, that it’s an infinitely complex interplay of electrical energy, of vibrating strings. We ‘know’ that there are no ‘things’ at all. We have created a vastly complex structure of language, linked ourselves to it neurologically, and that’s ‘reality’ for each of us. Reality as text, I guess.


Okay, this being so, we can colonize the text. The Holy Spirit is maybe the second Big Bang,. It’s the one that we can cooperate with, spreading the news outward from molecule to molecule, stone to stone, minute to minute, person to person, that Christ is come and that the new Text is being born each second among us.


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