Christ is born!

Lord, help me to navigate Christmas. I almost got swamped by a wave two days ago, but my head is above water and I’m swimming, fairly relaxed and confident. Please help me to remember that the waves are the waves of Your love, that they are not the heart-break and trauma of other years, and that each wave carries me closer to the shore, and that You are the shore as well as the waves.

This morning I feel kind of blown out. There’s been some worry, some grief, some challenging emotional weather. All these things have their narratives, but somehow this morning, and this is very unusual for me, the king of narrative, they’re all blown away. I find that all I want to say is “Alleluia! Christ is born!”

I haven’t been very good at joy in my life. Maybe this is as good a time to start as any.

The thing with joy is, it doesn’t have or need narrative. so all I have to say, even though officially it’s a bit early, is “Alleluia! Christ is born!”


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