I’ve been hearing the knock for some time, and not finding any way to open the door. You never know with these things. Is it that I haven’t been finding any way, or that I’ve been, on some level, refusing. While that’s been happening I’ve been knowing that the 52nd entry was some kind of transition. I couldn’t find a way to honour that, and number 53 dell into vague musings about Jean Genet.

Then I had a dream. In my dream I was being pursued, not aggressively, by a man who appeared to be of middle European origin. He was angry and very insistent that I had in some way slandered or wronged him. In order to escape him I stepped into an elevator. He didn’t get in, but stood glaring at me as the doors closed. Once in the elevator, I had no access to the button and never, in the dream, got anywhere.

I am learning these days to segue from dream to prayer, asking the Lord to take the dream, use It. open in out for me.

Here’s what I know. The narrative voice that has run “Mind for Jesus” for a year is degenerating, getting kind of thin.

A new voice is demanding to be heard. I don’t know much about him. His name is Peter Washburn. He is Polish/English/Canadian. He’s a fierce fellow, a little younger than I am. He announces himself as a Christian nihilist, but I’m not sure what that means, and I don’t know if he’s sure either. I think we need to set him free.

So enough already. A puff of smoke. A swirl of the magician’s cloak. My voice is stilled indefinitely.

Go NOW to thevoiceofpeterwashburn.wordpress.com.


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